APC Solution

APCs solution utilizes tokenization to prevent raw card numbers from ever entering the merchant’s system. When a field comes up for raw card number entry, the APC solution opens a secure browser field, captures the number outside of the merchant’s ERP application, retrieves and stores it securely and returns a token in its place.

This enables the application to contain no usable credit card numbers, only tokens. It reduces the number of audit items by 60 percent, saving significant cost and time.


User Friendly
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Easy to use, understand, and operate without disrupting current business processes.

Version support
Technical Assistance

Our integration is supported on Oracle 11i – R12.2.6 EBS versions.

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Delivered with detailed documentation describing setups, containing screenshots, sample entries and diagnostic information.

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We handle everything for your company.

Tokenization Keeps Data Safe

Tokenization is the process of removing credit card numbers and any other sensitive data from the payment system, and replacing them with an undecipherable token. The “token” is useless to any hackers. Tokenization keeps unsecured cardholder data and other personal data secure and from entering enterprise systems including ERP, CRM, legacy applications and eCommerce sites.

  • Protects the data
  • Eliminates source systems from PCI compliance
  • Significantly reduces the cost and effort to maintain PCI DSS compliance

Credit Card Tokenization Technology– Encryption & Compliance

Prior to the raw card data touching the source system, sensitive data is now replaced with a surrogate value or store token.

Then the encrypted card number is stored off-site in a secure, PCI-compliant data vault. The token can be used just as the real card making customer requests and facilitates reporting seamless.  Tokenization technology means that merchants no longer handle or store unsecured credit card data.



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